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Avant Loader Attachments

With a huge range of attachments, Avant loaders are the must have machine for all sort of jobs from moving hay and straw bales, levelling menages and arenas, towing horseboxes and trailers, moving muck, cutting grass, digging footings, trimming hedges, stacking materials, loading lorries, clearing cow sheds, the list is endless - all with one machine


We have a vast choice of attachments for each loader. If you need any further information or advice choosing the most useful attachments for your current and future needs, please call us on 01278 451 601 and we will be more than happy to help you.

Avant loader attachments - fitted or swapped in seconds

Avant loader attachments - general bucket

Avant General Bucket

The Avant general bucket attachment is suitable for almost any shovelling task.

Avant loader attachments - 4 in 1 bucket

Avant 4 in 1 Bucket

The Avant multi-purpose 4 in 1 bucket. This versatile bucket can be used as a general bucket, a dozer blade, leveller or a grab bucket.

Avant loader attachments - Light material bucket

Avant Light Material Bucket

The Avant light material bucket is ideal for moving lighter loads e.g. saw dust, bark, manure, wood chips.

Avant loader attachments - Grapple bucket

Avant Grapple Bucket

The Avant grapple bucket combines a generalal bucket and a grapple meaning it's suitable for multiple load shifting tasks.

Avant loader attachments - high tip bucket

Avant High Tip Bucket

The Avant high tip bucket, equipped with a hydraulic cylinder, is the right choice when you need to reach higher and longer.

Avant loader attachments - stone collecting bucket

Avant Stone Collecting Bucket

The Avant stone collecting bucket makes collecting stones from fields after harrowing a much faster and easier job.

Avant loader attachments - screening bucket

Avant Screening Bucket

The Avant screening bucket is a fast and efficient compact system for screening and blending soils, aggregates and compost.

Avant loader attachments - mini digger

Avant Mini Digger

The Avant screening bucket is a fast and efficient compact system for screening and blending soils, aggregates and compost.

Avant loader attachments - pallet fork

Avant Pallet Fork

The pallet fork attachment enables Avant loaders to operate as a conventional fork lift truck lifting and moving pallets with ease.

Avant loader attachments - jib boom

Avant Jib & Telescopic Boom

The jib boom and telescopic jib boom attachments enable lifting and moving of heavy loads where access is limited.

Avant loader attachments - sand / salt spreader, centrifugal salt spreader

Avant Sand / Salt Spreader

A hydraulic Avant sand / salt spreader designed for fast spreading together with a centrifugal spreader ideal for winter maintenance.

Avant loader attachments - ball hitch

Avant Front & Back Ball Hitch

Using the Avant ball hitch the operator has perfect vision making it very easy to couple a trailer to an Avant loader.

Avant loader attachments - dozer blade 1400

Avant Dozer Blade 1400

The 1400mm Avant dozer blade is ideal for jobs where materials need to be cleared away quickly.

Avant loader attachments - dozer blade 2000

Avant Dozer Blade 2000

The 2000mm Avant dozer blade can move and clear larger amounts of material faster than the 1400mm blade.

Avant loader attachments - dozer blade 2500

Avant Dozer Blade 2500

Equiped with hydraulic blade turning, the Avant dozer blade 2500 is ideal for clearing snow and earth moving from large areas quickly.

Avant loader attachments - lawn mower 1200

Avant Lawnmower 1200

The Avant lawnmower 1200 attachment is a strong cutting unit with 2 blades producing excellent cutting power.

Avant loader attachments - lawn mower 1500

Avant Lawnmower 1500

The biggest mower attachment in the Avant range for professional use allowing a higher mowing speed while maintaining a perfect cut.

Avant loader attachments - collecting lawn mower 1200

Avant Collecting Lawnmowers

Mow and collect the grass clippings at the same time with Avant collecting lawnmowers.

Avant loader attachments - flail mower

Avant Flail Mower

The Avant flail mower attachment is a drum type cutter making easy work of cutting long grass, rough scrub and taller vegetation.

Avant loader attachments - flail mower with hydraulic boom

Flail Mower / Hydraulic Boom

The Avant flail mower with hydraulic boom attachment has a cutting width of 1000mm and an outreach of 3500mm.

Avant loader attachments - fingerbar mower with hydraulic boom

Avant Fingerbar Mower

Avant fingerbar mower with hydraulic boom is a versatile attachment for hedge cutting and mowing long hay etc.

Avant loader attachments - wood chipper

Avant Wood Chipper CH100

The Avant hydraulic wood chipper easily chips branches and tree trunks up to 100mm in diameter.

Avant loader attachments - wood chipper CH150 heavy duty

Avant Wood Chipper CH150

This powerful, heavy duty wood chipper with an automatic feeding chute is designed for professional use.

Avant loader attachments - tree shear

Avant Tree Shear

The Avant tree shear attachment intended for forest thinning, tree clearance and forestry jobs where smaller trees need to be cut.

Avant loader attachments - log grab

Avant Log Grabs

Avant log grabs speed up forestry work such as clearing woodlands and forests by quickly moving tree trunks and piles of logs.

Avant loader attachments - timber grab

Avant Timber Grab

The Avant timber grab allows you to grab tree trunks, branches, logs, wood waste etc and transport it parallel to the loader or sideways.

Avant loader attachments - log splitter

Avant Log Splitter

The Avant log splitter is the right forestry attachment when you need an easy way to split logs quickly into 2 or 4 pieces.

Avant loader attachments - log splitter / cutter

Avant Log Cutter / Splitter

The Avant log cutter / splitter attachment combines a chainsaw and a hydraulic log splitter.

Avant loader attachments - log splitter

Avant Firewood Machine

The Avant firewood machine attachment makes fast and easy work of chopping firewood.

Avant loader attachments - timber trailer

Avant Tipper / Timber Trailers

Avant hydraulic tipping trailers, 1200kg and 1800kg models, Avant timber trailers with manual tipping and removable sides.

Avant loader attachments - stone burier

Avant Stone Burier

A professional stone burier attachment which mills the soil thoroughly and buries stones.

Avant loader attachments - rotary harrow

Avant Rotary Harrow

This Avant rotary harrow attachment harrows topsoil to give a finish ready for sowing.

Avant loader attachments - leveller

Avant Leveller

The Avant leveller is ideal for landscapers and construction workers for levelling large areas of gravel, sand, soil etc.

Avant loader attachments - stone grab

Avant Stone Grab

With a powerful gripping force, the Avant stone grab easily grabs concrete blocks or bulky, heavy stones.

Avant loader attachments - grabbing tool

Avant Grabbing Tool

Designed to lift round objects with a diameter of 250mm to 1200mm, the Avant grabbing tool is ideal for lifting trees, barrels and pots.

Avant loader attachments - high pressure washer

Avant High Pressure Washer

A versatile high pressure washer attachment for your Avant loader with a 270 litre water tank and hand held washing gun.

Avant loader attachments - trencher

Avant Trencher

The Avant trencher digs narrow trenches for cables, drains, pipes etc. See our Trencher website at www.trencherequipment.co.uk.

Avant loader attachments - auger

Avant Auger

A powerful Avant auger attachment with drill diameters from 75mm to 600mm. See our Auger website at www.augerequipment.co.uk.

Avant loader attachments - hydraulic breaker

Avant Hydraulic Breaker

Avant breakers are efficient demolition tools which, together with an Avant loader, can work in places where space is restricted.

Avant loader attachments - silage fork

Avant Silage Fork

The Avant silage fork is a robust fork with a powerful hydraulic cylinder and strong blade pins to penetrate into all types of feed.

Avant loader attachments - XL silage grab

Avant XL Silage Grab

The Avant XL silage grab offers three different widths, 1100mm, 1300mm and 1500mm. Ideal for larger cow sheds and cattle farms.

Avant loader attachments - silage dispenser

Avant Silage Dispenser

With a 650 litre volume, using the Avant silage dispenser attachment is a quick and easy way to distribute silage.

Avant loader attachments - feed mover screw

Avant Feed Mover Screw

Attaching the Avant feed mover screw to an Avant loader is a fast way to mix and move feed to the animals.

Avant loader attachments - square bale fork

Avant Bale Forks

Avant square bale fork and round bale fork attachments are both available.

Avant loader attachments - round bale grab

Avant Bale Grabs

Avant round bale grab and square bale grab attachments enable wrapped round bales of silage and hay to be transported without damage.

Avant loader attachments - bale handler

Avant Bale Handler

The Avant bale handler is an economical way to handle wrapped bales without damaging either the plastic wrap or the bale.

Avant loader attachments - push broom, carousel broom

Avant Push / Carousel Brooms

Two broom attachments for Avant loaders, the carousel broom and the push broom.

Avant loader attachments - rotary broom

Avant Rotary Broom

Two broom attachments are available for Avant loaders, the carousel broom and the push broom.

Avant loader attachments - bucket broom

Bucket Broom / Collecting Broom

Sweep forwards and in reverse with the Avant bucket broom, collect and clear waste from large areas with the Avant collecting broom.

Avant loader attachments - big bag transporter

Avant Big Bag Transporter

The Avant big bag transporter attachment is an easy way to stack or lift and move big bags of fertiliser around the farm.

Avant loader attachments - tree stump buster

Avant Stump Grinder

The Avant stump grinder has a horizontal cut, with an effective 45mm diameter cutting blade and 45° manual rotating.

Avant loader attachments - artificial turf attachment

Avant Artificial Turf

Made for professionals, the Avant artificial turf maintenance attachment efficiently cleans, filters and returns the infill to artificial surfaces in a single pass.

Avant loader attachments - horse arena leveller attachment

Avant Arena Leveller

This Avant horse arena leveller / harrow attachment is intended for levelling and loosening of horse arena riding surfaces.


Sales, Help & Advice

If you have any questions regarding the Avant brand or you need help to make the right decision regarding which Avant loader and attachments would suit your needs both now and longer term, please call us on 01278 451 601.